Evaluation report

Evaluation ReportAs the third annual SciCamp report we are proud to present our findings about how participants are affected by joining Science Camps and about the organization of collaboration. Special thanks to the main author of that report Linda Ahrenkiel from the University of Southern Denmark!

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3rd SciCamp Conference 2015

European Conference on Science Camps and non-formal Science Education,
7 – 9 Oct 2015, Berlin (Germany)

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SciCamp final conference, which summed up three years of work for SciCamp team, was held in Berlin from 7th to 9th  of October. The Conference took place at the Museum of Technology in the center of Berlin. The goal of the conference was to share the experiences among participants, but also to present new, as well as old camps, methods and evaluation findings to the almost 70 guests of the event.


During the first day of the conference, participants had the opportunity to present some of their work during the project, and the impact they made on the public. Vanessa Rolle and Sophie Hennings, two young students who attended a few of the camps also presented their point of view and shared their experiences during the camps.

Later that day, during poster presentations, some of the project partners and participants presented their camps and different methods in teaching and researching via poster sessions, which was also a great networking opportunity.


The afternoon was reserved for parallel sessions: on collaboration with companies, engaging science education, World cafe and teaching and discussing nature of science. Daniel Solabarrieta Arrizabalaga also organized a session with a special science camps version of Play Decide game and Eduardo Batista talked about Science from youngsters to youngsters program. Vitor Silva and Filomena Mesquita presented U. Porto junior University program that engages 5 000 people a year.


Second day of the conference was reserved for two parallel sessions on organizing science camps and science fairs, both interactive workshops held by Christian Kubat and Susana Chaves. In the end, all the participants summed up their experiences and gave video testemonials.

The conference ended with the visit of an interactive Science exhibition in the Science Centre Spektrum next to the venue.

Most of the presentations are available on the links below:

How to teach Nature of Science and change the Students Views - Natália Cândido Vendrasco

How to organize a Science Fair - Susana Chaves, project manager

Engaging 5.000 pupils a year at the U.Porto’s Junior University - Vítor Silva and Filomena Mesquita, University of Porto – Rectorate, Portugal

Fostering Interest in interdisciplinary Inquiry-based Science Camps - Louise Bindel, University of Halle, Germany

Collaboration with companies - Martin Lindner University of Halle, Germany

View from Participants - Sophie Hennings, Vanessa Luisa Rolle

View from Evaluation - Morten Rask Petersen, SDU

How to organize a Science camp – Christian Kubat


Interim Report

This public part of the SciCamp interim report represents the whole project and is addressed to everyone involved in the organisation, conduction, exploitation, evalua-tion or invention of Science Holiday Camps, to those institutions who cooperate with these Camps and to teachers who want to learn proven inquiry based STEM activi-ties.

The report looks at the project from two geographical perspectives. The European perspective gives you an insight into our overall objectives, strategies and findings. In addition, there are selected local perspectives which are concerned with special ex-periences from our respective consortium members, in order to make the report in-formative and to include the different views of our various European consortium members in the sense of our European diversity.


Best Practice Report

Best Practice ReportThis report gives you an overview of aims and strategies in collaborations with companies and regional academic institutions, also sheds some light on hindering facts and misconceptions about stakeholders. Here you’ll find the tool for a workshop on best practices and models for schools to help them orientate in this partnerships.

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In addition, you can find the Play Decide game via the following link, which was and is an important part of the Best-Practice investigation of our project. You can find versions of all partner languages there: http://www.playdecide.eu/play/topics/science-camps

Additional resource:  How to organize a science camp (manual)

2nd SciCamp Conference @ University of the Basque Country’s 23rd Summer Courses

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The SciCamp partners met in project month 20 for the third time for a consortium meeting and the conduction of a public Summer Course about Science Education. After an informal meeting on the evening of the 6th of July the conference started with the conduction of the two days’ workshop “Challenges of Science Education: Moving toward Europe, and the local model” inside of the 23rd Summer Courses of the University of the Basque Country.

A familiar round of teachers and members from academic institutions and companies shared experiences and developed strategies to enhance Science Education in general and on local level. The official consortium meeting was held the day after. The final Exploitation Report was discussed together with its supplementary video material.

Furthermore, there were talks about next dissemination events and the project-website, especially with the new camps-map feature to enhance awareness of Science Camps in Europe. After the session to plan the conference in Berlin, the consortium tested the Play-Decide Game which is related to the Best-Practice Report. The second conference with all activities was very well organized by the partner ELHUYAR.

1st SciCamp Conference @First SEE Regional Science Promotion Conference

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Sci Camp partners took part at the First SEE Regional Science Promotion Conference organized by the Center for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade, on October 2, 2013. The Conference was held in the National bank of Serbia and had panelist from more than 70 countries from the Region, Europe, North and South America. Different topics were discussed and members of our Science Camp project took active part at the Conference as panelists in sessions titled “Science Camps in Europe” and “Informal Science Education”. This was an excellent opportunity to present our project to the wide audience and to meet people in the same line of work from different countries from the Region. The poster of SciCamp was presented at the Poster Session and had lots of visibility.

In the late afternoon, a bus sight seeing tour of Belgrade was organized and a networking dinner where more exchange of ideas and experiences took place.

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