DNK 2014


This year, CPN organized a traditional summer event, known as DNK. DNK is a special CPN program, initiated during summer 2013, in order to allow the kids to develop their view on world, their curiosity, creativity and team spirit, all through a carefully planned and fun program. DNK includes Children Science Club and Children Science Camp, and makes an interesting concept, best known for its abbreviation, DNK, where kids get to spend their summer doing science.

Children Science Club took place during the summer, since June 10, until August 29. Kids, age 7 to 12, were able to participate in various workshops, social activities and other numerous parts of the program, supervised by qualified educators, science communicators and psychologists.

The first hour of program is reserved for warming up and getting to know each other games, led by a psychologist. After that, it’s time for scientific, physics, math, chemistry, biology, psychology and astronomy workshops.

Aside from the Children Science Club, which is held during day, elementary school students had the opportunity to attend the Children Science Camp, taking place at one of our country’s most significant archeological sites, Viminacijum. A group of kids participated in this year’s science camp, from July 12-13, and spent two unforgettable days where they discovered the world in an unconventional way, alongside CPN’s science demonstrators.

The participants had the chance to learn about sciences like: archeology, biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy and psychology, in an interesting and interactive manner.

Besides from the range of workshops, the participants were given the opportunity to do stargazing with a telescope, and they were all provided with accommodation, food, and, of course, non-stop care.

What’s so special about the Camp is that kids get to experience the natural environment and the site itself, firsthand. They also had the opportunity to visit the Roman site, as well as a recently opened Mammoth Museum.

All the countries that are built and based upon knowledge recognize these science camps as an essential part of building scientifically literate youth.