PlayDecide is a discussion game to talk in a simple and effective way about many issues, it is based in a European project and there are discussion games about different topics.

This Play Decide gives an overview on aims and strategies for science camps to collaborate with stakeholders, regional companies and academic institutions.

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Best Practice Report

Best Practice ReportThis report gives you an overview of aims and strategies in collaborations with companies and regional academic institutions, also sheds some light on hindering facts and misconceptions about stakeholders. Here you’ll find the tool for a workshop on best practices and models for schools to help them orientate in this partnerships.

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In addition, you can find the Play Decide game via the following link, which was and is an important part of the Best-Practice investigation of our project. You can find versions of all partner languages there:

Additional resource:  How to organize a science camp (manual)

2nd SciCamp Conference @ University of the Basque Country’s 23rd Summer Courses

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The SciCamp partners met in project month 20 for the third time for a consortium meeting and the conduction of a public Summer Course about Science Education. After an informal meeting on the evening of the 6th of July the conference started with the conduction of the two days’ workshop “Challenges of Science Education: Moving toward Europe, and the local model” inside of the 23rd Summer Courses of the University of the Basque Country.

A familiar round of teachers and members from academic institutions and companies shared experiences and developed strategies to enhance Science Education in general and on local level. The official consortium meeting was held the day after. The final Exploitation Report was discussed together with its supplementary video material.

Furthermore, there were talks about next dissemination events and the project-website, especially with the new camps-map feature to enhance awareness of Science Camps in Europe. After the session to plan the conference in Berlin, the consortium tested the Play-Decide Game which is related to the Best-Practice Report. The second conference with all activities was very well organized by the partner ELHUYAR.

Workshops in Portugal

The Youth Foundation/Fundação da Juventude, as part of SciCamp project, has the responsibility to organize five workshops in Portugal for the dissemination of project results, and the second is on May 30, integrated into the official program of the 8th National Contest For Young Scientists. Continue reading

German-Turkish Science Camps in 2015


Within the this year’s German-Turkish Science Education Workshop in Antalya the plan was created to conduct a binational Science Camp in 2015 with pupils from both Countries. Especially pupils from Berlin who are familiar with the German and Turkish language are the target group, because they can connect the other pupils who are not familiar with the other language. To find out more about the Workshop, please visit

Tree SciCamps in Germany, visit us!

Tree-SciCamps-in-Germany Three Science Holiday Camps will be organized by the German SciCamp partner to gain first hand experiences. The Camps will last 5 days with around 45 pupils in the age of 12 to 16. The topics these year are Climate Change, Flying and Invasive Neophytes. Feel free to visit us in time during the Science Camps to get an impression of how inquiry based learning methods can be used in a Holiday Camp. The camp dates are: 28-07-14 > 01-08-14 Köthen, 11-08-14 > 15-08-14 Heide, 18-08-14 > 22-08-14 Halle (Saale). Please contact for more informations!

Youth Foundation is organizing a workshop on project SciCamp

ciencia divertida

The Youth Foundation is organizing the Workshop “SciCamp – Fun Science”, on March 26, at 16h. This workshop will be part of “Futurália”, the largest Science, Education, Training and Career Guidance Fair in Portugal.

Besides they can make fun experiences, young people will get to know the project SciCamp, and realize how they can participate in Science Camps in Portugal.